UK: “Yoga Magazine” to relaunch with June issue

Since its 2003 launch, Britains’s Yoga Magazine has developed a very strong readership, which is made up of mostly professional women, with an average age of 31, who are keen to improve their yoga, health and general fitness.

The publisher claims it will feature extensive and unrivalled coverage of the yoga and natural living lifestyle.  The new style layout will offer a wider range of editorial features which will satisfy the developing variety of the reader’s interests, including articles on health, beauty, fashion, green living, yoga poses, food, travel, reviews, and yoga for men.

Yoga Magazine will reportedly continue to be promoted at events across the UK and will also benefit from extensive advertising campaigns, the use of social networking sites, its website, and email / SMS alerts prompting readers to buy the new issue just prior to copies going on sale.

Yoga Magazine currently claims to reach 90 000 readers (80% female) in the UK only, althought the magazine is available worldwide.


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