USA: Vanity Fair launches first iPad App

The App download will give its user access to the June issue of Vanity Fair, which is expected to be available at the iTunes store starting May 19 for $4,99, the same price as a hard copy of the magazine.  GQ was first Condé title to come out with an iPad App and it went on sale for only $2,99.  The Vanity Fair copies sold throught its App should cost only $3,99 moving forward, according to Condé Nast.  

As revealed in the NY Times’ Media Decoder Blog, “like most iPad magazine apps, the Vanity Fair app works in horizontal and in vertical mode. When you hold the iPad vertically, you get the digital interpretation of the magazine. That means a split screen with images at the top and text at the bottom.  All of the magazine’s articles and ads show up in the horizontal orientation, meaning the iPad version can count toward Vanity Fair’s circulation.” Besides this, editorial content available on the iPad will include behind-the-scenes footage with editorial features, like the June issue’s football star players goofing off during the Annie Leibovitz cover photo shoot.   

Condé Nast managed to get six advertisers on board to design unique creatives for the VF iPad app, whose ads will only appear in the vertical mode.  Aveeno haircare, Clinique cosmetics and Microsoft’s Bing are three of them.


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