France: Website “Rue89” to launch monthly mag “Revue 89” in June

French independent news portal, founded by French journalist Pierre Haski, announced the upcoming launch of a monthly magazine called “Revue 89” this June.  The publication will be edited by the site’s editorial team under the helm of Les Inrockuptibles’ former editor-in-chief, Frédéric Allary.  The content of the monthly should consist of a mix of Rue89’s articles combined with original print features as well as illustrations and photographs.

With an estimated print run of 80 000 copies, Revue 89, which should sell for €3,90 (final price not set yet, but reportedly under €5), will be published by Mr. Allary’s company Les Editions de la Ceriseraie. The reported goal is to achieve a circulation of 25 000 to 30 000 copies within six to eight months.

A further sign of the times we live in, the soon-to-launched magazine already has its own Twitter account.


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