Germany: Burda’s new erotic mag “Alley Cat” is out

Alley Cat, the new young women’s magazine from Hubert Burda Media came out today May 20th.  Editor Ina Küper founded the magazine in 2008 as a young student in Düsseldorf and the magazine is still to this day the only erotic magazine for women in Germany!  In January 2010, Burda bought her company and she moved to Munich to integrate the Burda Style Group editorial team, who helped redesign the magazine, thanks to the professional guidance from Freundin editor Ulrike Zeitlinger and Burda Style Group CEO Henning Ecker.

Alley Cat readers can expect a fresh high-quality glossy magazine, featuring a rare sense of humor and a young attitude toward erotica, sensuality and sex. The cheeky sections’ headlines speak for themselves with names like “Vorspiel” (Foreplay) about sexy news and new releases), “Im Schlafszimmer” (In the bedroom) covering erotica and “In der Umkleide” (In the closet) on fashion and style, “Vor dem Spiegel” (In front of the mirror) about beauty tips, “Auf dem Sofa” (On the couch) covering culture, entertainment and hobbies, “Im Flugzeug” (On the plane) featuring travel-related news, and ending with the final word “Nachspiel” (Post game).

Alley Cat founder and editor, Ina cooper, said that “Alley Cat is about first and foremost about fun and young women who like to have fun.  Its editorial covers fashion, beauty and lifestyle just like any other glossy magazine, but also erotica, sensuality and sex, which make up for the lion’s share of the editorial content.”  

Ulrike Zeitlinger, editorial director of Alley Cat, and Freundin boss, added “Alley Cat was a real diamond in the rough! We believed in the potential of the book right from the get-go before Burda even bought it and we very much hope that the relaunched Alley Cat will be a hit!”

Just in time for the magazine’s relaunch, the revamped companion website is excted to go live any day now. Users will find a 15-page slideshow of the magazine on the site as well sweepstakes, image galleries, and videos.  The well-known author Sophie Andresky (“Vögelfrei“) will also be answering sex-related questions from users online. Alley Cat’s new issue is available in German newsstands for 3 euros.


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