France: “Brand’s” magazine introduced to Monoprix shoppers today

Created by the Paris-based Trademag agency, French supermarket chain Monoprix is introducing a new custom magazine called Brand’s today.  It will be distributed for free by 550 hostesses on Friday’s, Saturday’s and Monday’s in the chain’s key regions throughout France.  Published quarterly, the custom magazine will blend advertorials and features from the consumer brands available for retail at Monoprix as well as automobile.  The magazine’s motto is to enable these brands to “inform” their customers directly about existing products, changes and upcoming launches, just as they do on their own website.  The premier issue opens with the headline “Brands, what are they doing for you today?” («Les marques, elles font quoi pour vous aujourd’hui ?»).

Brands will also be distributed to shoppers who opted for home delivery of their groceries.  The magazine will launch with a print run of 1,5 million copies.  Ad pages inside the publication are reportedly available for purchase for €27500 gross. Next issue is planned for August/September 2010.

Go to to flip through a digital copy of the magazine’s debut issue.


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