USA: Glamour mag and to launch Glamour Matchmaker dating service

Only a few weeks after Glamour magazine approached dating site, the two partners are already readying the launch of “Glamour Matchmaker”, a dating service featuring men selected by the magazine’s staff from the sea of singles on  It is also a new way for Glamour to speak to the 3 million of mostly female users (lots of them still in search of Mr. Perfect) that visit its website every month.

Glamour publisher Condé Nast used to frown at this type of brand extensions in the past, but it doesn’t seem to be the case in this post-recession era (hopefully) with Glamour launching its own jewelry line featuring mostly pieces under $100 (with the HSN television network) and dabbling in style consulting and book publishing (through a deal with publisher Hyperion).

Magazines have long tried to cultivate consumers’ loyalty through ventures outside the magazine world.  Hachette’s Elle magazine found television success hitching itself to Bravo’s reality TV show “Project Runway,” though its follow-up show about wannabe magazine editors, “Stylista,” was a flop. Rodale spun columns in Men’s Health magazine into bestselling books like “Eat This, Not That.” Playboy now relies on its licensed products to help cover losses at the magazine.


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