France: Daily “Libération” launches iPad app and to publish oversized issue on June 22

The French daily Libération has been busy.  It just launched its iPad app on June 3rd. On that occasion, the paper partnered with the new Diesel fragrance “Fuel for Life” as exclusive sponsor so that it can offer the app to its readers for free for a month.  The app gives users access to the content of the printed version is available digitally at midnight every day it publishes as well as all of Libération’s archives since June 2009 for free (past year) and the paper’s instant web feeds.  Also, the editorial content will come enriched with videos, slide shows, audio commentaries and high-res photographs to make the most of the tablet reader’s capabilities.

On June 22nd, Karl Lagerfeld (he’s everywhere!) will guest-edit Libération for the first time.  To celebrate this collaboration, the paper will be published exclusively on glossy paper in an oversized format similar to the FT’s How To Spend It weekend magazine.  The paper intends to print twice as many editorial pages (48 pages this time) as usual for this issue, although the cover price won’t go up.  The print run should be increased by 30% in anticipation of high demand since it seems to be the case for any thing Lagerfeld touches these days.


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