Germany: Burda launches fashion-DIY magazine “Eazy”

As I previously reported on this blog, Hubert Burda Media has planned to invest in four new test magazines this year, despite the current economic turmoil.  Eazy, is the fourth and final one following in the footsteps of the country living title “Mein Schönes Land“, the Freundin-spinoff “Donna” for women 45+ and the revamped erotic magazine for women “Alley Cat” (bought in January).

Eazy started out several months ago as the pet project of the 2008-2010 class of young graduates, straight out of the Burda Journalism School.  The final result is about to debut in German newsstands on June 9 with a planned circulation of 20000 copies.  One could say Eazy is a younger version of Burda Style.  It is aimed at a young creative audience aged 16+.  The debut issue is 124-page thick with stylish fashion, interviews, trend reports, and a 16-page “Nähjournal” (the creative DIY fashion part where one can saw its own clothes to create a unique style) with cut-out sheets. 

Chief Editor Ulrike Zeitlinger commented: “Eazy was fully developed by the latest generation of young journalists and therefore the perfect style inspiration for the Facebook generation. The Burda J-School graduates were really passionate with this project, which is also a proof that even young people are still interested in magazines.”

the 16-journalist team has been reporting on the magazine’s progress on its own blog since March 2010.  They’ve been posting editorial reports, images and short video clips of what was then just a project on the blog.  Users could participate actively in the development phase by submitting their own tips and recommendations on fashion-DIY. 

Eazy will be available for purchase from June 9 on  at a cover price of €8.


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