Luxury lifestyle-technology magazine “Switch” just launched in Singapore

Magazines Integrated Pte has launched Switch, a luxury lifestyle-technology magazine, in Singapore.  The bi-monthly magazine has a print-run of 8000 copies (6000 distributed for free through a selective distribution network e.g. and 2000 copies in newsstands).  The cover price is 5 SGD (about €2,95). 

SWITCH magazine is divided into three distinct and unique sections:

  • SWITCH ON – Who says the technocratic life cannot be chic? We invite you to SWITCH ON to the high-life and high-fashion in this section of the magazine, where you will experience the latest in gadgetry, fashion and i-Living.
  • SWITCH ONTO – Technology and culture make for interesting bedfellows, as the reader will discover in SWITCH ONTO. Explore the higher realms of thought and intellectualism through the soft lens of hard science. 
  • SWITCH ONWARDS – Stop living in the past as you SWITCH ONWARDS to the future. From the very small in the quantum universe to the very big in outer space, wander with us through hereto unexplored worlds.

A 4C full page ad is listed at 3000 SGD.  Click here to download Switch’s complete media kit.


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