France: new celebrity magazine “Vox” to launch in September

Published by Letmotiv Publishing, the new French weekly celebrity magazine Vox will officially be launched on September 2 with a cover price of €1.   It will enter a very crowded magazine segment with Public, Voici, Gala, and Closer amongst the most popular titles.  Published every Friday, this 84-page magazine will cover celebrities, their private lives and careers.  The only difference with the other celebrity weeklies is that Vox intends to cover celebrities the same way newsweeklies like Time magazine cover hard news, influential CEO’s and politics…

Letmotiv Publishing is hoping to reach a circulation of 400 000 copies (that’s hopeful!) and ad sales will be handled by the MediaObs ad sales house.  The 4CP is reportedly listed at €10000.  Vox had already been “tested” with an issue zero already out back in March and issue #1 in April. 

The magazine will also have a companion website with


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