Germany: Stern magazine launches new youth-oriented spinoff “Yuno”

The latest Sternspinoff Yuno has been developed by Florian Gless, currently Stern’s editor of the “Deutschland und Gesellschaft” section(something like “Germany and today’s society”), who will also be editorial director of Yuno.  He has been assisted by Andreas Nyland as Art Director, who’s already been working on the other health spinoff “Stern Gesund Leben“.

The cover of Yuno's debut issue features actor Johnny Depp.

Yuno has a print run of 175 000 copies and will first come out as a one-shot test issue.  If the new teen mag turns out to be a hit amongst the 10 to 14-year-old set, there’s no doubt that its publisher G+J will most likely try to reproduce Yuno’s success again (maybe as a bi-monthly or monthly from issue #2 on).  The debut issue,which came out on June 15 at a cover price of €3, features more than 100 pages with strong coverage of the football World Cup.

Although its publisher describes Yuno more as a “knowledge magazine” for the youth, it will also be going head-to-head with Bauer’s Bravo on celebrity coverage.  But Yuno hopes to bring smarter topics in a fun, colorful, and image-rich fashion to today’s alpha-kids.  On the knowledge side for smart kids, Dein Spiegel has been circulating 150000 copies a month since its inception in December 2009.  And there’s also GEOlino, Wunderwelt Wissen and Welt der Wunder.

Click for the official press release (in German).


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