UK: The Economist introduces “By Invitation”, a news series of web features

The Economist announced Thursday the launch of “By Invitation”, a new series of features on the newsweekly’s website. The first is “Economics by Invitation,” in which 55 economists will share commentary and analysis, answering questions set by editors at The Economist.

Website visitors will be able to comment on and discuss the economists’ answers. “The success of other features such as our award-winning online debates, the Democracy in America blog and the conversation cloud tool all demonstrate the desire of our readers to engage in intelligent debate and discussion online,” Ron Diorio, VP-product and community development at The Economist, said in a statement. “The ‘By Invitation’ series is a natural extension of this strategy.”

Also, The Economist has produced a sampler edition to tempt new subscribers to the weekly magazine in the UK.  Handed out on the London Underground, the special edition reportedly contains a selection of previously published articles as well as a promotion for a free copy of this week’s full edition.


2 responses to “UK: The Economist introduces “By Invitation”, a news series of web features

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