Germany: “GUTER RAT” magazine gets a redesign

The July issue of the German personal finance and tips magazine GUTER RAT will boast a new look along with brand new sections.  The redesign of one of Germany’s most-read magazines amongst how-to/personal finance publications comes in response to readers’ ever-changing interests in that field. 

The new GUTER RAT (“Good advice”, literally translated) opens with a preview “diaporama” page (its TOC) featuring small-scale pictures of each sections called “Marketplace” (Marktplatz) so that readers can get a quick glimpse of the magazine’s editorial content all at once.  There is also a newly established section under “Digital Living”, which reflects the “crossmedia editorialization” of the magazine.  The renowned automobile section stays “Reasonable cars” („Autos der Vernunft“) and will actually have an even bigger place in the mag to showcase its expertise.

“The redesign of the editorial layout of the magazine along with the inception of new sections reflects the will to listen to readers’ demands.  And our advertisers will also benefit from this strengthened relationship with our audience” said GUTER RAT’s editor-in-chief Werner Zedler.

More about GUTER RAT:
Published by Hubert Burda Media, GUTER RAT currently circulates 332 207 copies a month at a cover price of €1,99.  It had a reach of 1,33 million readers, which are aged 40-60 for the most part.


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