France: Lagerfeld does Libé

The left-wing French paper Libération came out in an unusual oversized format last Tuesday.  Indeed, as previously reported, the daily was guest edited by Karl Lagerfeld whose many drawing talents were on display that day throughout the pages of the paper.

The paper printed twice as many editorial pages (48 pages for this issue) as usual for this issue, although the cover price didn’t go up (€1,30). 

Inside, the fashion designer turned editor for the day covered all major news from Afghani lithium to the Polish elections as well as the local French gossip surrounding L’Oréal widow Liliane Bettencourt.  The fashion editors spent an afternoon with Karl which resulted in the opening spread article where the avid book collector introduced the closest members of his team. 

The particularity of this issue was mostly in the fact that no single picture got published.  Only illustrations and drawings of the German master were on display in the pages of Libération, except for the ad pages, including a centerfold and back cover by none other than Diet Coke, yet another Lagerfeld-endorsed consumer brand.  The talented Mr. Lagerfeld is starting to draw much criticism for its commercial ubiquity these days, even in the land of stinky cheeses…


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