Belgium: Trends mag gets new Bizz supplement

From now on, the 107 000 readers of Bizz magazine won’t have to wait a whole month each time to get their business supplement.  This content will now become a full part of the magazines Trends (Flemish) and Trends-Tendances (French) under a dedicated Bizz section.  In other words, the monthly Bizz publication is turning into a weekly section inside Trends magazine in order to further satisfy readers’ demand for more frequent business updates.  The editorial coordination of the new Bizz section will be headed by editor Camille van Vyve.

Moneytalk, the monthly dedicated to finance, which circulates 10 000 copies, will become a weekly in September 2010.  The Cash section, personal finance and markets, will be folded into the new weekly under one new name and logo: Cash/Moneytalk. This new weekly finance publications will be sold together with Trends for €5 (for both mags), and is to be edited by Steven Vandenbroeke. The nw Cash/Moneytalk will also be available separately in kiosks as well as by subscription.  Its publisher Roularta is trying to strengthen its position in the business magazine segment in Belgium and broaden the reach of its titles (314 000 readers in total right now). 

From September 16 on Trends and Trends-Tendances are to further extend their stronghold on the Belgian financial and economic life, whether it is on paper, or on the web  or even via iPhone or iPad-like devices.  New “all-in-one” subscription offers will start this fall, which will include the print edition of course, but also full access to the digital magazine, its entire online archives (with search engine) and an exclusive monthly dossier edited in collaboration with Geert Noels from Econopolis.  The Trends-Bizz-Cash/Moneytalk website is currently undergoing a major overhaul and therefore remains free at this point in time.

For more info on these publications, visit Roularta’s dedicated page.


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