USA: launches new bridal magazine 2.0 concept called “The Nest”

Longtime cross-platform bridal brand The Knot says it has applied its years of online experience to the execution of its print magazine The Nest, which had its newsstand launch on July 19. The company told MIN Online that the print title’s content mix and cross-platform integrations were employing Web 2.0 principles of user involvement, dialogue and real-time complements to the printed page. 

The Nest, its new $4.99 quarterly magazine, is aimed at married couples setting up home and family. Interactivity is key to the new project as is bringing readers into the editorial mix. Readers can submit their own advice, how-tos and tips across all of the content areas: travel, cooking, lifestyle. A special section of the magazine will be devoted to the UGC content. User-generated content is also available at where users can upload submissions.

The issue also is being mobilized via bar codes. Readers can snap a bar code in the issue and get back content, including what other readers are discussing in real time at In an ad for Kitchenaid, for instance, the mobile code links your smartphone to a set of user testimonials for the sponsors’ product and then a link into other content channels on On the “How-To” page of the magazine the mobile code links the user to online user-submitted how-to pieces as well as an entry form for the reader to submit their own content. The idea is for the mobile component to help drive user-generated content from the print experience to online. 

TheKnot says this web 2.0 model for magazines has attracted a number of inaugural issue sponsors to the affluent and young audience. Also, Bank of America, Couples Resorts, Mazda, KitchenAid, Starwood Hotels and Anheuser-Busch are reportedly among the advertisers.


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