USA: min publishes The Most Intriguing & Top-Selling Magazine Covers, 2007-2010

If you are a magazine professional or a media buyer – or just a fan of magazines – you need to own a copy of The Most Intriguing & Top-Selling Magazine Covers, 2007-2010, published the MIN i.e. Media Industry Newsletter.

Nothing sells in magazine media like great covers, and nothing “covers” the covers that sell best better than min’s just-published The Most Intriguing & Top-Selling Magazine Covers, 2007-2010. This is a fun, engaging, insightful and—most of all—beautiful guidebook from the editors of MIN.  In full color, it presents both the best- and worst-selling covers of 2007-2009, as well as the covers MIN found most intriguing. But it’s not just great cover art!

Accompanying all the best/worst-selling and most intriguing covers is MIN editor-in-chief Steve Cohn’s in-depth analysis of why some covers worked and some didn’t, backed up by ad-page figures and charts breaking down the best/worst-sellers for individual titles; Steve’s historical perspective; and his interviews with magazine media’s most important players.

Inside The Most Intriguing & Top-Selling Magazine Covers:

• Full-color images of the best/worst-selling magazine covers from 2007-2009
• Expert analysis of the most- and least-successful magazine covers from min editor-in-chief Steve Cohn
• Charts breaking down the best/worst-selling covers for individual weekly/bi-weekly/monthly/bimonthly titles
• Presentation and analysis of min’s most intriguing covers from 2008 through May 2010, plus interviews with top publishers and editors
• Rundowns of notable magazine launches by year
• Magazine publishers’ choices for their own best covers and online features of the past couple of years, along with their analysis of why these covers/online features were successful.
• min’s Cover Hall of Fame
• Magazines we miss the most, as selected by min online readers Who should buy min’s The Most Intriguing & Top-Selling Magazine Covers:
• Publishing executives: See how your covers stack up graphically against those of your competitors’, from both artistic and business standpoints.
• Editorial leaders and art directors: Learn which cover lines and cover subjects connected best with audiences, and why some approaches work better at certain times of the year.
• Media buyers: Plan your budgets better by studying the most successful cover approaches of the past several years.
• Magazine enthusiasts: Every picture tells a story, and magazine covers tell our culture’s story better than any medium.

Click to download Table of Contents as PDF.


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