France: “Arts Magazine” to launch “Expos” on August 26

Arts Magazine, which currently circulates about 30 000 copies per issue (10 000 subs), just announced the launch of a new guide magazine dedicated to upcoming art exhibits in France for the end of summer.  Named Expos (abbreviation of “expositions, which is the French word for exhibits), it aims to be an 84-page guide the world of arts distributed every other month in a pocket-size format and highlighting the 200 most relevant art exhibits happening in France over the period.  Each exhibit selected will feature a review, notes and explanations and rank from the editors of Arts Magazine.

This guide will be bilingual French/English with a special section dedicated to non-French readers such as foreign tourists and expats.  The English part will cover mostly the exhibits taking place within the Paris area as well as other major French cities.  The content of the Expos guide will also be available online, as well as on iPad et iPhone devices.

Expos’ publisher currently is banking on an estimated print run of 50 000 copies per issue with a cover price 2,90 € each.  On the advertising side, a special launch offer will be sold: -40% for the first two issues, as well as a package deal including Arts Magazine + Expos for 4 500 € net.  Ad sales for the package deal are being handled by Arts Magazine’s ad sales representative, Initial Régie, a subsidiary of Prisma Presse.  Otherwise, Expos’ team will handle its own advertising in-house for now.

Click to view the latest digital issue of Arts Magazine.
Click to see Arts Magazine’s 2010 media kit in PDF.


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