USA: Time Magazine launches new Android app

In another indication of the growing popularity of the new Android operating system, Time Magazine launched a new Android app on Thursday, in a move to expand its reach among this burgeoning new population of smartphone users.

The free Time Android App, following similar apps for the iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry, offers users access to the magazine’s photography, lists, quotes, videos and other editorial content. It also provides a variety of customization options, including the ability to choose a small or large widget for the home screen and what section is featured on the widget. All items on the App can be shared using social media tools.  Users can download articles for offline reading and can also listen to podcasts while browsing the magazine’s content.

Time Magazine is one of several major consumer magazines to bring an app to Android.  Free, you get articles, videos, podcasts and photos delivered straight to your phone.  Save articles for offline reading and share them with friends.  An available home screen widget makes Time updates readily accessible.

Oprah is a lifestyle brand, as evidenced by her show, book club and magazine O.  And you can now access select articles on Oprah Mobile’s $1.99 Android app, along with show clips, radio programs and inspirational tips.

Epicurious is the online home of Gourmet Magazine, giving the Android app high marks on most people’s list.  The Gourmet app offers free articles and recipes, along with a searchable database of menu ideas and a meal planner.  It is also possible to build a shopping list in-app and share favorites with friends.


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