France: Prisma’s new management has many new magazine projects in the pipeline

As previously reported, the German magazine giants Axel Springer Verlag and Gruner + Jahr have teamed up for the first time to launch a new magazine concept called Voilà in France.  The French G+J subsidiary Prisma Presse has been in charge of editorial, development and ad sales whereas ASV France’s Publications Grand Public is the de facto publisher and distributor of the new celebrity title, which was introduced early July and comes out every other week.

Prisma has most likely been tapping editorial insights into its celebrity magazine division, which already publishes Closer, Gala and Voici.  And Springer is making good use of its tight relationship in the distribution area with France’s major supermarket chains where most of the French Springer mass titles (Télé Magazine, Vie pratique gourmand, Vie pratique madame, etc.) are sold.

And it’s apparently not the only innovation happening over at Prisma since the new managing tandem of General Director Pierre Riandet (from G+J HQ in Hamburg) and President Rolf Heinz (from G+J Mondadori in Milan), which replaced Fabrice Boé and Jean-Pierre Caffin at the end of 2009 in Paris. Indeed, the news & picture weekly VSD has been redesigned and will be published in a larger format (245 W x 332 L) from August 5 on, just as it was when the magazine started 23 years ago under founder Maurice Siegel.

Prisma also plans to adapt its successful trendy German magazine NEON for the French market with a possible test issue in 2011.  NEON is a news & lifestyle mag that caters to young urban people in their 20’s and 30’s for the most part.

Lastly, the G+J flagship title GEO will be redesigned as well in the near future (September/October 2010 supposedly).


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