Rolling Stone Deutschland hits newsstand jackpot with free Prince CD insert

Uncommon gifts distributed with consumer magazines usually have a resounding success. This seems to be once again true for Axel Springer, the publisher of Rolling Stone Deutschland, whose last issue, which came out on July 22, included the latest Prince CD “20ten” for free with all newsstands copies.  According to the publisher, this issue was sold out in most parts of Germany in no time – even though the print run had already been increased by 50% for the occasion. The magazine usually prints about 90 000 copies a month.

In comparison, only 55 000 copies of the music and society magazine  were sold in newsstands in the 2nd quarter of the year.  The print edition is expected to boost the current issue’s figure into the six-figure arena.  Exact numbers are not being made available by its licensed publisher Axel Springer Verlag.

Consumers get a copy of their favorite magazine + a new unreleased CD by a major artist only for 6.99 € this time (instead of Rolling Stone’s usual €5,50 copy price).  This issue of Rolling Stone also included, in addition to the CD, the only Prince interview given in Germany for the release as well as a good review of the CD in the pages of the mag.  There are also the recorded music in this country either in retail or as a (legal) download.

And Germany is not the only country in which Prince gave away his new work of art!  In the UK, “20ten” was inserted with the Daily Mirror (also featured the only UK interview). Prince’s PR team first started toying with the idea of using newspaper and magazine distribution as a promotional ploy back in 2007.  The Planet Earth CD, released that year, had been inserted for free with the Mail on Sunday in the UK.

Rolling Stone Deutschland usually has a circulation of 63 612 copies a month (IVW Q1 2010) and a 4CFP ad is listed at €8 300.  To view the online media kit, go to Axel Springer Media Pilot.


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