Tyler Brûlé launched summer newspaper version of Monocle

Tyler Brûlé, editor of Monocle and self-appointed arbiter of cool, has launched a new summer offshoot of his monthly style magazine. He has produced what he is calling a summer newspaper, a 64-page broadsheet-sized read called Monocle Mediterraneo, whose first issue came out on July 29.

Edited by Monocle’s London-based team, the Monocle Mediterraneo newspaper features a mix of essays, reportage, interviews and fashion. The specially curated summer newspaper will be accompanied by the Summer Series, a weekly audio show that will be broadcast on Monocle.com with live music and debate on Fridays at 12.00 CET. Both in print and online, this latest Monocle media extension will become the ultimate accessory for summer relaxation. To order your copy online click here.

Clearly Brûlé, founder of Wallpaper* magazine, which he then sold to Time Inc., would like his well-heeled readers to pick the paper up as they swan around the Côte d’Azur and Sardinia.

“There’s a huge amount of talk about the death of print, thanks to various types of pad’ devices. But if you think of summer – with sand, swimming, sun cream and socializing – a carefully crafted newspaper is more useful and reader-friendly than a backlit screen that hates the sun and salt.”

I can see how Monocle Summer could also be extended to Monocle Winter distributed in chic Alpine resorts throughout Europe, etc.

He also told celebrity magazine designer Mario Garcia: “I’d like to dump a little bit of cool Mediterranean water on the pad hype by showing that advertisers still love print (we’ve made a fortune on the concept) and iPads do not like sand, direct sun, water and the thieving hands of people lurking around sun loungers. It’s going to be loads of fun – essays, big maps, funny reportage. I think you’ll love it.“

Key facts about Monocle Mediterraneo:
– 68 pages
– gorgeous paper
– sheet fed
– distribution – all the places where people will be frolicking in the sea
and sun this summer
– anchor sponsor – Blackberry! “and shooting all the advertising
for it as well”

I don’t know about you, but I am definitely making a run to the nearest newsstand right now…

More info:
Washington Post’s coverage of Monocle Mediterraneo (with video)
Business Week’s recent reporting “Maverick” on Brûlé


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