Germany: Focus Schule gets a redesign with August issue

Starting with the upcoming issue 4 / 2010 (first day of sale 8/10/2010) one will notice a change in the look and layout of the German educational magazine Focus-Schule, sister publication to the newsweekly Focus

The editorial team has revamped the Burda title with a new cover design, an advanced magazine layout and new promotional ad campaign in the trades!  The cover now highlights the strengths of the editorial concept even more while showcasing the wide range of topics covered in the issue.  This top-notch cover work now underscores the premium aspect given to Focus-Schule, the magazine for committed parents, in order to further live up to the expectations of the audience.  The book now comes out on thicker paperstock.  Also, a new table of content with “optical transformation” will provide readers with a quicker orientation through the various editorial sections. Overall, the magazine reflects a more relaxed tone, a refreshed appearance and a clearer editorial line.  Starting with this year’s 4th and final issue, the cover price is also going up to €5,80 per issue while the subscription goes up from a former average of 4,70 € to 4,95 € per issue – an annual subscription consists of 6 consequent issues that cost a total of €29,70.

Inside the issue, Focus-Schule will keep providing engaged parents with advice on all school situations that their child might face.  The title presents the most important facts every two months: background information such as current developments, theoretical analysis as well as practical tips. In the future, Focus-Schule will allow even more room for regular special issues focusing on a particular topic like health or language-trips for instance.

The new advertising campaign for the magazine is aimed at the core target group of dedicated parents. Its content includes not only pure school matters, but all things that influence a child’s environment growing up and his family life.  For the start of the new school year the new Focus-Schule ad campaign will offer a special promotion in all of the market-leading book wholesalers, KNV, where the latest issue of the magazine will be out on clear display along with a poster.

Mathias Bruges Meier, editor Focus-Schule explained: “In recent years the editorial team behind Focus-Schule has been further developing the magazine, using a variety of new journalistic forms, adding new sections and updating the layout continuously. This new issue will sum it all up, graphically and editorially, and we hope your audience will find the inside even clearer.  Also, the cover has become more modern, much warmer! The editorial scope has also become far more diverse than ever. We are excited about the response we’ll get from our readers.”

Focus-Schule currently circulates 126 686 copies per issue and publishes six times a year. A 4cFP ad is listed at €17 220 on its official rate card.


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