Axel Springer to launch new Hörzu spin-off focusing on home and country living in September

Axel Springer to launch new Hörzu spin-off called Hörzu Heimat (“Listen home” literally) whose debut is planned for September 1.  Hörzu is one of Germany’s most popular TV guides.

The bi-monthly science spinoff Hörzu Wissen (Wissen = Knowledge) led the way some years ago, now Hörzu Heimat will face the daunting task of repeating the success of Hörzu’s first spin-off.  The premier issue will focus on topics relating to Germany (the “Heimat”) and will be available in newsstands from September 1 on.

The 124-page issue will have a print run of 300 000 copies to start and management estimates to sell about 150 000.  The book will be available in newsstands for a two-month period at a cover price €3,50.  Axel Springer has already got committment from ten advertisers to be featured in the debut issue of Hörzu Heimat.

Hörzu Heimat won’t be your usual country living magazine. Instead, it wants to introduce its readers to a new, independent magazine format, which does not aim at competing directly with the recent wave of country magazine that launched in Germany like Mein Schönes Land and Landlust, as its editor Christian Hellmann explained.  The magazine seems to cater to Germans who love their country or Germanophiles worldwide.  Besides country-related topics, there are city- and travel-related topics like a feature on Munich’s renown Oktoberfest for instance.  Its editorial is split into the following sections: nature, good life, interiors, garden, food, wine, country people and the homeland ak.a. Germany.

There will be about six reports produced exclusively for Hörzu Heimat in every issue.  For example, readers will find a portrait of a female winemaker in the Mosel region bordering France, who is considered the first woman to do so for her family estate.   This wide array of editorial topics ranging from country life, gardening, and travel will distinguish the title from its competitors, said Jochen Beckmann, Publishing Director of Springer’s Women’s and TV Magazines division. Actually, Hörzu Heimat should carve out its “own sub-category within the segment because it has a totally different DNA from the rest” he added.  To support the inception of this new title, Springer has announced the launch of a print and TV campaign by Hamburg agency CGT (Conrad, Gley, Thieme). A website presence is to follow.

To read on an interview of Publishing Director Jochen Beckmann and Christian Hellmann, editor, go to

Hörzu currently has a huge circulation of 1 399 054 copies per week where as Hörzu Wissen’s is about 350 000 copies per issue.  Click to download Hörzu’s factsheet.


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