France: First official circulation figures for the new VSD magazine are encouraging










The figures following VSD’s latest redesign have just been released and while it’s too soon to judge, they are looking pretty good!  August is also not a bad month for celebrity titles with strong newsstands sales around beach resorts, airports and train stations all over Europe. 

Prisma Presse released the new version of VSD on August.  It is some times referred to as the “going back to the roots” or, meaner,  as the “last chance” version of the 30 year-old news and picture weekly.  According to its publisher, the first issue had a total circulation of 243 000 copies and about 200 000 for the second, vs. 160 494 copies on average throughout 2009 (OJD). This new editorial formula and layout has returned to the original magazine concept with a larger format, its initial logo and a lowered price (from €2,40 to €2 now).  Time will tell if this last experiment is a definite success…



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