Swedish brand “Acne” and Candy Magazine launch a cross-dressing collection

The trendy label Acne Studios has partnered with Candy Magazine to launch a transvestite, transgender and cross-dressing fashion collection.  Luis Venegas, the editor in chief of Candy Magazine, has created a collection of three shirts together with the Swedish brand.  

Inspired by the classic western shirt but playing with detail and proportion, the end result is a fun take on masculine vs. feminine. All styles are offered in silk crepe and Italian denim, the later in two washes: stonewashed and bleached. The shirts are named after one of Luis favorite TV series “Dynasty”. The shirt with the dramatic bow at the neck is called ‘Alexis’ as a tribute to Joan Collin’s role. The one with the big sleeves reminded him of the role Linda Evans played so it’s called ‘Krystle’ and the shirt with ruffles at the neck and wrists has the playful personality of Heather Locklear’s role and is called ‘Sammy Jo’. The goal was to create pieces that make you feel like “Is this for men or for women” instead of the unisex statement “For men and women”. 

More on Candy:
Candy Magazine is the first fashion mag ever completely dedicated to celebrating transvestism, transexuality, cross dressing and androgyny in all its manifestations. The second issue will be published this fall. 


Click to see Candy Magazine’s first issue. 


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