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The Economist fronts France’s “incredible shrinking Président” on cover

French President Nicolas Sarkozy and his former model of a wife Carla Bruni grace the cover of The Economist this week.  Sarkozy, often mocked for his modest height, is depicted only by his legs on the British weekly’s cover, the rest of his body being outrageously absorbed by a Napoleonic “bicorn” hat.  Napoleon, of course, was another French leader (emperor back then) of modest height.

Mr. Sarkozy is embattled in the Bettencourt scandal at home where his Labor Minister, Eric Woerth (former Budget Minister) is being investigated for pushing Liliane Bettencourt’s money manager’s application to the Medal of Honor (“Légion d’Honneur”).  In return, the press claims, the money manager, Patrice de Maistre, would hire his wife as part of this team.  Mrs Bettencourt, the L’Oréal heiress, is France’s richest woman and one of the largest donators to Mr Sarkozy’s UMP party.  Nicolas Sarkozy will most likely be seeking reelection in May 2012.

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UK: “Essentials” magazine goes model-free

The entire October issue of Essentials magazine (UK) is model and celebrity-free, from the fashion and beauty spreads, to a naked body confidence photo shoot in the health section.

The decision to give over the cover to real women is due to “the fantastic readers we feature each issue,” says Jules Barton-Breck editor of Essentials. “So many of these women look, and are, amazing that we wanted to celebrate them. In our recent reader survey 70% told us that they would rather see a real woman on the cover of a magazine than a celebrity, so we’re excited to be the first magazine in the UK to do this every month!”

The nationwide search for the October cover stars started with Essentials asking readers, and women via a social media campaign, to tell the magazine why they were amazing enough to appear on the front cover. Hundreds of women applied and a shortlist were invited to attend a casting session with the editor and style director to select who should go forward. The ten cover stars are all shapes, sizes and ages and the issue is a celebration of real women, say the publishers.

The issue also signals the launch of a no models or celebrities on the cover rule that will apply from the October issue onwards – only real women will appear as cover stars.  Essentials publisher Ilka Schmitt says: “Celebrating our readers by putting them on the cover is a brave move, but it just feels right for Essentials.

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Marianne magazine mocks French President Sarkozy with cheeky cover

Mr. President, you are wonderful!!!  Marianne, the center-left French newsweekly, who is seen by most as anti-Sarkozy just released a very tongue-in-cheek cover proclaiming its love for the greatest French President ever. In my book, that’s called sarcasm…

Whether the current resident of the Élysée Palace and its close staff will find the cover amusing, that’s another story!  Maybe Carla has a sense of humour. After all, she was officially more lefty until she met Emperor “Sarko the First!”

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USA: True Blood casts is posing naked for Rolling Stone

Skin is definitely in for the cast of HBO’s True Blood.

The hit HBO series, which has never shied away from showing its vampires — and werewolves and humans – baring almost all, has taken its raciness to a new level, as revealed last week.

Stripped down and splattered with blood, here are the show’s stars, Alexander Skarsgard, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, all posing in the nude for the September issue of entertainment magazine Rolling Stone with the headline “True Blood: They’re Hot. They’re Sexy. They’re Undead.”  More pictures from the True Blood cast.

More nude Rolling Stone covers: click here for the slideshow.

USA: Wired magazine cover declares “web is dead”

The September issue of America’s favorite geek magazine Wired just came out with a bang.  People, “the web is dead” reads the cover!

Wow! I know that’s going to make my mother-in-law happy since she’s still trying to figure out how to get an “email number” (lol). Anyway, that’s a bold statement to blast in oversized letters on a bright red magazine cover…

Also, after reading some more about it on TechCrunch,  the whole methodology Wired used seems to be totally inadequate.  The statement is deemed inaccurate by TechCrunch because Wired lumped all YouTube videos under “Video” (with Skype video calls and Netflix movie streaming) and not as part of the “Web”  (as in seen via a web browser).  But that rationale makes up for a catchier headline I guess!

USA: ESPN the Magazine is introducing new single-topic format per issue

ESPN the Magazine is introducing a new format with the issue that hit newsstands on August 13 in the U.S., devoting the bulk of each issue to a single sports topic or theme.

“Rather than continue to try to keep up with every single thing going on in the sports world, we decided to take a deep dive into single topics,” said Gary Belsky, editor-in-chief. This seems to signal that ESPN the Magazine’s Body issue featuring Serena Williams on the cover was a big success. It also signals closer ties between the magazine, which is moving from New York to the Bristol, CT, headquarters – and campus of ESPN – next year and the rest of the company’s various sports TV, radio and Web sites.

The first issue in the new format for ESPN the Magazine is the College Football Kickoff and will be followed in two weeks by the NFL Preview Issue, both of which are among the best-selling regular issues for rival Sports Illustrated each year.

Belsky said he doesn’t think ESPN the Magazine’s new single-subject focus will alienate readers since the upfront sections “Go” and “Play” will still carry 30 to 40 pages devoted to sports of all kinds in each issue. “We actually don’t think it’s a gamble,” said Belsky. “We think we’ve covered all our bases.”

ESPN the Magazine currently has a rate base of 2.000.000 copies and reaches more than 15 million readers every issue, of which 12M are men.  Click here to see the online media kit.

What do you think of Time magazine’s Aisha cover?

min Poll: Time’s Aisha Cover

What do you think of Time magazine’s graphic cover of its August 9 issue featuring 18-year-old Aisha?
The poor Afghani teenager had her ears and nose cut off by her husband and family members for the “crime” of attempting to run away from previous abuses.

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