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Playboy introduces “Gold Edition” in France

The September issue of French Playboy, published under license by 1633, is themed “Gold edition”.  It will be the “fil conducteur” throughout the whole issue…anything that has to do with gold or is golden (like the silence for instance!).

The “Gold edition” features naked models covered in gold paint ( it is Playboy after all), an interview of 60’s legendary designer Paco Rabanne, whose most recent masterpiece is a golden ornament work donned by the singer Shakira in parts of the “Gypsy” music video.


Editor of Indonesia’s defunct version of Playboy magazine insists he was never in the porn business

The editor of Indonesia’s defunct version of Playboy magazine, Erwin Arnada, insists he was never in the pornography business.  But now, he is forced to hide because of a two-year jail sentence hanging over his head and vigilantes vowing to track him down wherever he is.

The local edition of the U.S. men’s magazine, which began publication in 2006, was relatively tame, and conspicuously free of nudity. But faced with violent protests by hard-line Muslim groups, it soon folded, while Mr. Arnada fended off a succession of criminal charges.  The second issue of Playboy Indonesia, still baring zero nudity or lingerie, had come out after the publisher had moved its offices to the island of Bali, two months after Islamic hardliners had attempted to trash its Jakarta offices following the magazine’s first edition.

Things had gone quiet until this August, with the surprise announcement that the Indonesian Supreme Court, in an unpublicized verdict last year, had found him guilty of indecency. The New York Times reported on the subject early this month in an article named “From Hiding, Indonesian Defends Free Expression“.

Playboy Indonesia was published by Velvet Silver Media and had a print run of about 100 000 copies, according to Wikipedia.  It was the first issue of Playboy to launch in a Muslim country since the Turkish edition folded in the mid-90’s (NB: Turkey is a secular country although Islam is the dominant religion there).

USA: True Blood casts is posing naked for Rolling Stone

Skin is definitely in for the cast of HBO’s True Blood.

The hit HBO series, which has never shied away from showing its vampires — and werewolves and humans – baring almost all, has taken its raciness to a new level, as revealed last week.

Stripped down and splattered with blood, here are the show’s stars, Alexander Skarsgard, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, all posing in the nude for the September issue of entertainment magazine Rolling Stone with the headline “True Blood: They’re Hot. They’re Sexy. They’re Undead.”  More pictures from the True Blood cast.

More nude Rolling Stone covers: click here for the slideshow.

UK: Wallpaper* made an erotic film to promote its sex-rated September issue

Wallpaper* marks its move into short film-making for its sex-rated September issue.   The film is named “Quatre” and is a collaboration with RSA Films.  It is a “complex tale of mistaken identities, passions reignited, the latest Lanvin and good old girl-on-girl action.”  “Quatre” is a three-minute film that aims to combine sex, fashion and furniture in a story based on mistaken identities and reignited passions. 

RSA Films director Vernie Yeung, who previously worked on ad campaigns for the likes of Sony Bravia, Canon and Motorola in Europe and Asia, makes his Wallpaper* debut with the film. Also on board were set designer Max Bellhouse and fashion stylist Tamara Rothstein.

Wallpaper*_August 2010 issue

The film can be viewed in full at and stills from the film can be seen in a 12-page fashion feature in the mag. 

“When Wallpaper* does film, we do it properly. “Quatre” is an elegant and erotically charged must-see piece of cinema.” said Tony Chambers,  the editor-in-chief of Wallpaper*.

Wallpaper’s September Fashion and Sex issue is on sale on Thursday 12 August 2010.

USA: ESPN the Magazine is introducing new single-topic format per issue

ESPN the Magazine is introducing a new format with the issue that hit newsstands on August 13 in the U.S., devoting the bulk of each issue to a single sports topic or theme.

“Rather than continue to try to keep up with every single thing going on in the sports world, we decided to take a deep dive into single topics,” said Gary Belsky, editor-in-chief. This seems to signal that ESPN the Magazine’s Body issue featuring Serena Williams on the cover was a big success. It also signals closer ties between the magazine, which is moving from New York to the Bristol, CT, headquarters – and campus of ESPN – next year and the rest of the company’s various sports TV, radio and Web sites.

The first issue in the new format for ESPN the Magazine is the College Football Kickoff and will be followed in two weeks by the NFL Preview Issue, both of which are among the best-selling regular issues for rival Sports Illustrated each year.

Belsky said he doesn’t think ESPN the Magazine’s new single-subject focus will alienate readers since the upfront sections “Go” and “Play” will still carry 30 to 40 pages devoted to sports of all kinds in each issue. “We actually don’t think it’s a gamble,” said Belsky. “We think we’ve covered all our bases.”

ESPN the Magazine currently has a rate base of 2.000.000 copies and reaches more than 15 million readers every issue, of which 12M are men.  Click here to see the online media kit.

Cosmopolitan (UK) gets a redesign to reflect the brand values of fun and positivity

This week’s redesign of the UK edition of Cosmo probably comes at a good time with the magazine’s monthly circulation figures down 4,5% to 430 353 (July-December 2009).  The cover price will remain unchanged at £3,40 per copy.

The revamp of the monthly women’s mag includes new features including: ‘Man Manual’ – a dedicated man section, which reveals what really goes on in men’s minds; ‘Cosmo’s Happy List’ – 10 hot and relevant trends for the month, which replaces ‘Cosmo News’; ‘Cosmo Upfront’ – key fashion, beauty and celebrity stories positioned at the front of the magazine, and ‘Sex and the Single Girl’ and ‘Sex and the Not So Single Girl’.  Also, real-life stories will now be tagged ‘Cosmo Confidence’ and ‘Cosmo Inspiration’.

Louise Court, editor of Cosmopolitan, said: “Cosmopolitan is the authority on men, confidence, sex and relationships.”

Justine Southall, publishing director of Cosmopolitan, said: “Cosmopolitan is the biggest and most successful women’s magazine brand in the world. The key to our longevity in the UK is our constant ability to innovate and evolve for each generation, and give our readers more of what they love.”

Interactive recruitment for Playboy in Argentina

The Argentinian edition of Playboy magazine has found a new way to recruit its cover girl in organizing virtual casting with webcam, online photo session, virtual books and online vote. Check out the official website

1650 girls took part in this event for only one winner: Coty Iaria (see below)

Go to to watch the video with English commentaries.