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French magazine Hotel & Lodge changes hands

Hôtel & Lodge, a bi-monthly lifestyle and travel magazine covering the latest amongst prestigious resorts, boutique hotels as well as lodges and 5-star palaces has just been sold by its two main shareholders, the enthusiast magazine publishers Nivéales and Editions Larivière, to press entrepreneur Michel Comboul.

This travel magazine, launched in 2002, currently generates an estimated turnover of €700 000 with a circulation of 49 600 copies per issue (6x).

As a reminder, Michel Comboul is the former President and CEO of the French Riviera publisher Nice Matin, as well as head of the Syndicat de la Presse Quotidienne Régionale (“Association of Regional Newspaper Publishers”) and the Fédération Nationale de la Presse Française (“Association of French National Press Publishers”).


Lagardère launches Belgian edition of Psychologies magazine

Psychologies magazine just launched its 12th international edition in Belgium, a small European country currently on the verge of being split in two.  This new “dual” edition will be published under license by Lagardère’s usual partner there, Edition Ventures, which already publishes local versions of Elle, Elle Decor and Art & Decoration).  There will be a French and a Flemish edition of the magazine for both communities with a print run of 35 000 copies a month each.

Since the inception of the Italian edition in 2004, Psychologies magazine has now global editions in China, Russia, Spain, Great-Britain, South Africa, Mexico, Greece, and some more.

New women’s magazine “Sensa” launched in Romania

Sanoma Hearst Romania has launched a new women’s health and beauty magazine called Sensa under license from Adria Media Zagreb.

Sensa will be sold for 9.9 lei an issue (or about €2.26) in Romania. This is already the third project for Sanoma Hearst Romania this year, after taking over the license for Auto Moto and Sport in February and then launching Miresici magazine in May.

Sanoma Hearst Romania started back in 1999 and now publishes 17 titles including local editions of Cosmo, Marie Claire, Nat Geo, Harper’s Bazaar, Esquire and FHM.  It also operates 15 websites, making it one of  the top magazine publishers in Romania.

Adria Media Zagreb is one of Serbia’s largest magazine publishers with a portfolio of consumer titles that includes both local magazine brands (like Sensa, which launched in 2007) as well Serbian editions of Elle, Geo, Lisa, Gala, Burda Style and Men’s Health.  

Click to download Sensa’s media kit (Serbia).

Germany: G+J and Klambt are pulling the plug on Healthy Living mag

The August issue will be Healthy Living’s last, according to a joint recent press release from German publishers G+J and Klambt after a four and a half year venture.  However, the Healthy Living brand should remain alive by becoming a special issue for the other wellness magazine Vital.

Healthy Living was circulating about 150 000 copies a month on average, but advertising was getting harder and harder to get in a very competitive health and wellness for women’s magazine segment.  Circulation, while still relatively high for the category, had been declining steadily and both publishers couldn’t see the title turning in a profil in the near future in these tough economic times.

UK: “Yoga Magazine” to relaunch with June issue

Since its 2003 launch, Britains’s Yoga Magazine has developed a very strong readership, which is made up of mostly professional women, with an average age of 31, who are keen to improve their yoga, health and general fitness.

The publisher claims it will feature extensive and unrivalled coverage of the yoga and natural living lifestyle.  The new style layout will offer a wider range of editorial features which will satisfy the developing variety of the reader’s interests, including articles on health, beauty, fashion, green living, yoga poses, food, travel, reviews, and yoga for men.

Yoga Magazine will reportedly continue to be promoted at events across the UK and will also benefit from extensive advertising campaigns, the use of social networking sites, its website, and email / SMS alerts prompting readers to buy the new issue just prior to copies going on sale.

Yoga Magazine currently claims to reach 90 000 readers (80% female) in the UK only, althought the magazine is available worldwide.

Germany: G+J launched new kind of family magazine with NIDO

Gruner + Jahr has brought a new kind of magazine to the German market with the recent introduction of new family magazine NIDO.

As the publisher puts it on its website: “one’s life changes when the first child arrives – in a dramatic and wonderful way. But sooner or later parents experience a moment of truth: they want to regain some of their former lives but still be good parents at the same time. In this phase of reorientation, NIDO helps young parents reconcile their personal interests as well as the demands made on a parent. At NIDO, the focus is on the parents for a change – and not on the child. This makes NIDO unique as a lifestyle magazine for young parents.”

NIDO covers a wide spectrum of thems: from pop to politics, from fashion to travel and interior decorating, up to psychology and sex. And everything is seen through the perspective of modern, urban parents.

NIDO just launched a few weeks ago as a monthly magazine selling for €3,90.  A 4CFP ad costs €12 500 gross according to the magazine’s rate card.  It caters to affluent, urban, young parents who are expected in their late thirties mostly.

Germany: Bauer Media to launch first “mindstyle-magazine” Happinez

The German launch of Happinez magazine is planned for August 26, according to its publisher Bauer Media, which will be publishing the title under license from Dutch publisher WPG Uitgevers.  The Dutch edition of Happinez, which was launched in 2003, was an immediate success and now circulates close to 200 000 copies per month, sold for a hefty €5,75  cover price.

Bauer plans to introduce Happinez as a bi-monthly glossy women’s magazine with a print run of 150 000, sold for 4,95 euros.  Happinezz is for women who enjoy life but seek answers to esoteric well-being questions.  It will cater mostly to women aged 35 to 50 years old who want spirituality, knowledge and psychology to play a greater part in their life.  Of course, as editor Uwe Bokelmann explained, the magazine will also cover topics such as nature, health, shape, food and will include more leisurely sections such as fashion, arts and travel.  The August launch will be accompanied by a print and PoS promotional campaign.

Click to see the official press release from Bauer Media (in German).