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Newsweekly “Veja” launches iPad version in Brazil

An iPad edition of Editora Abril’s Brazilian newsweekly Veja debuted on September 4 in the Apple App store and shot immediately to the number one position among free apps. The new app is powered by the Holland-based Woodwing, a digital media solutions company.

Veja currently circulates about 1,1 million copies per week and has more than 8 million readers per issue.  Click to read the official Woodwing press release in English.

About Editora Abril:
Editora Abril publishes more than 370 titles in 2009 and is a leader in 21 out of the 25 segments in which it operates. Its combined publications have achieved a circulation of 188,5 million copies last year, in a country of 28 million readers and 4,1 million subscriptions. Seven out of the ten most read magazines in Brazil are published by Abril, and Veja is the third largest weekly information magazine in the world and the largest outside the United States.

About Veja:
It provides on a weekly basis the main facts and news on Brazil and the world, written by highly-qualified journalists, to readers who like to be well informed.

About Veja São Paulo:
São Paulo city’s magazine. Besides reporting the most important news on the life of Sao Paulo and its characters, the so-called “Vejinha” is committed to presenting readers, in its articles and weekly guide, the best options in terms of entertainment, leisure, programs and services.

About Veja Rio:
A portrait of the wonderful city through articles and guides, and a constant commitment of providing readers with the best options in terms of entertainment, leisure, programs and services. 


The Economist fronts France’s “incredible shrinking Président” on cover

French President Nicolas Sarkozy and his former model of a wife Carla Bruni grace the cover of The Economist this week.  Sarkozy, often mocked for his modest height, is depicted only by his legs on the British weekly’s cover, the rest of his body being outrageously absorbed by a Napoleonic “bicorn” hat.  Napoleon, of course, was another French leader (emperor back then) of modest height.

Mr. Sarkozy is embattled in the Bettencourt scandal at home where his Labor Minister, Eric Woerth (former Budget Minister) is being investigated for pushing Liliane Bettencourt’s money manager’s application to the Medal of Honor (“Légion d’Honneur”).  In return, the press claims, the money manager, Patrice de Maistre, would hire his wife as part of this team.  Mrs Bettencourt, the L’Oréal heiress, is France’s richest woman and one of the largest donators to Mr Sarkozy’s UMP party.  Nicolas Sarkozy will most likely be seeking reelection in May 2012.

Click to read the story on the shrinking Président.

Swiss newsweekly “L’Hebdo” launched first iPad app

L’Hebdo, the French-language Swiss newsweekly published by Ringier, launched its first iPad app at the end of August.  

Not only is it now possible to access the latest issue of L’Hebdo on the iPad and enjoy its content in a more interactive fashion through the device’s gorgeous screen, but one can also browse through the magazine’s archives for a small price.

L’Hebdo is the first magazine to release a tablet version of its magazine within French-speaking Switzerland.  In the German-speaking part of the country the Schweizer Illustrierte magazine and the daily Tages-Anzeiger are the only two print properties to have come up with their own iPad app.  L’Hebdo’s digital edition for tablets will be available for download every Wednesday at 10pm and will be free for the 2 months.  Most articles will link to external sources of information that will complement the weekly’s actual reporting.

The iPad version makes L’Hebdo available to all Swiss readers worldwide at a very modest cost (no printing or shipping) and with no delays.  L’Hebdo for iPad will cost 4,40 Swiss Francs a piece from November 1st on and a “4 issues for the price of 3” subscription will also be offered. Purchase will be available via the Apple Store only.

Besides access to the magazine’s archives, past issues purchased digitally will also remain accessible on the device even without an internet connection.  The purchase of the week’s issue will grant the reader access to the magazine’s 24/7 RSS feeds and videos for the rest of the week until a new issue comes out.

The print edition of L’Hebdo currently circulates 46 010 copies per week and reaches 216 000 readers.

Click to access L‘Hebdo’s factsheet online.

Marianne magazine mocks French President Sarkozy with cheeky cover

Mr. President, you are wonderful!!!  Marianne, the center-left French newsweekly, who is seen by most as anti-Sarkozy just released a very tongue-in-cheek cover proclaiming its love for the greatest French President ever. In my book, that’s called sarcasm…

Whether the current resident of the Élysée Palace and its close staff will find the cover amusing, that’s another story!  Maybe Carla has a sense of humour. After all, she was officially more lefty until she met Emperor “Sarko the First!”

Click to purchase a digital copy from the site.

The New York Times is introducing a platform that other publishers can use to produce apps called “Press Engine”

The New York Times is offering a platform that other publishers can use to produce their own apps for devices starting with the iPad and iPhone.

The first publishers to sign up to use the platform, which The Times is calling “Press Engine”, are the UK’s Telegraph Media Group and three A.H. Belo newspapers: Dallas Morning News, Providence Journal and Press-Enterprise in Southern California. The publishers keep any advertising and circulation revenue the apps bring in; they pay the Times a one-time license fee for the platform and then a monthly maintenance fee.

New revenue
The platform is the latest bid by a media company to derive revenue from sources beyond the traditional core streams of ad sales and circulation. Most often the recent attempts along those lines have involved providing agency-like services — whether built up internally or acquired, as Meredith and Hearst have done — but this platform is a new way for a media company to provide services to other media companies. And it’s a new way for a media company to make money from the booming app economy beyond making its own apps.

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Germany: newsweekly Focus and The Economist are entering exclusive content syndication agreement

Starting this week with issue #33, the German newsweekly FOCUS just revealed it had reached an exclusive content syndication partnership with the renown London-based weekly “The Economist” magazine.

FOCUS will be the first print medium in Germany to feature content of The Economist translated into German.  In addition, FOCUS will have access to the latest analysis and reports being funneled through the economic title’s unique international network of business correspondents.  FOCUS’ new editor in chief Wolfram Weimer was thrilled to announce this journalistic cooperation with a major global player such as The Economist.  Only a few years after he took the reins of the newsweekly, it is quite a coup already for Weimer! 

Lastly, FOCUS announced that it would also publish a German version of The Economist’s spinoff “The World In” tailored for the German market.  The on-sale date is planned for December 6.   FOCUS and The Economist will publish it jointly with most content being translated from the English version.