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U.S. edition of Elle marks its 25th anniversary

The American edition of Elle launched 25 years ago already!  For the occasion, the French-owned magazine’s October issue is coming up with several covers featuring four young American actresses.

Elle U.S.’ ad pages are up an incredible 47% YoY as advertisers have been lining up to take part in the magazine’s 25th anniversary celebration.  Kevin Martinez, VP/Brand Publisher, told trade publication min that Elle’s “cutting-edge marketing programs and incredible effort by a tremendous sales team contributed to our success. The October issue will also be the first issue featured on our new iPad app, which offered extra incentive for our advertisers.”

Celebrating its anniversary with a four-cover split run (see covers above), Elle managed to ignite eye-catching controversy with its September cover featuring a retouched Gabourey Sidibe.  So the good times are still rolling for Elle U.S. it seems despite the many management changes


Editor of Indonesia’s defunct version of Playboy magazine insists he was never in the porn business

The editor of Indonesia’s defunct version of Playboy magazine, Erwin Arnada, insists he was never in the pornography business.  But now, he is forced to hide because of a two-year jail sentence hanging over his head and vigilantes vowing to track him down wherever he is.

The local edition of the U.S. men’s magazine, which began publication in 2006, was relatively tame, and conspicuously free of nudity. But faced with violent protests by hard-line Muslim groups, it soon folded, while Mr. Arnada fended off a succession of criminal charges.  The second issue of Playboy Indonesia, still baring zero nudity or lingerie, had come out after the publisher had moved its offices to the island of Bali, two months after Islamic hardliners had attempted to trash its Jakarta offices following the magazine’s first edition.

Things had gone quiet until this August, with the surprise announcement that the Indonesian Supreme Court, in an unpublicized verdict last year, had found him guilty of indecency. The New York Times reported on the subject early this month in an article named “From Hiding, Indonesian Defends Free Expression“.

Playboy Indonesia was published by Velvet Silver Media and had a print run of about 100 000 copies, according to Wikipedia.  It was the first issue of Playboy to launch in a Muslim country since the Turkish edition folded in the mid-90’s (NB: Turkey is a secular country although Islam is the dominant religion there).

UK: List of “Maggies” nominees for best magazine cover in 2009

Here is the shortlist for magazine covers of the year nominated at the UK’s 2009 “Maggies” awards, courtesy of Guardian.co.uk.

UK: Wallpaper mag asks readers to design their own front cover

IPC‘s Wallpaper magazine has just launched a web application giving readers the chance to create the front cover for the magazine’s August issue and a back page ad for watch brand Rolex.

Readers can access the application by registering on the magazine’s website and can use it to create their own cover. They will be able to select and manipulate images, graphics and patterns supplied by designers James Joyce, Nigel Robinson, Anthony Burrill and Kam Tang.

The exclusive sponsor, Rolex, is offering nine different Rolex advertising creatives for readers to work with.  The offer is open to Wallpaper subscribers and non-subscribers and each reader who submits a cover will be sent the August issue with the cover they have created on the front.  The move is an extension of the magazine’s guest-designed front covers, with contributions from designer Phillipe Starck and fashion luminary Karl Lagerfeld last year.

Editor-in-chief Tony Chambers said: “Wallpaper readers are a very creative bunch and they are going to love this. After all, they’ll be joining the ranks of Philippe Starck, Zaha Hadid, Anish Kapoor and Karl Lagerfeld – all of whom are previous Wallpaper cover artists.”

Wallpaper has also made its own iPhone app available for download.  The application is sponsored by Swarovski.

The August issue will go on sale July 8. Wallpaper magazine sold an average of 105 028 copies in the second half of 2009, according to the latest ABC UK figures, down 2,8% YoY.

France: new book heralding Libération’s best covers “Les Unes”

Éditions de La Martinière are about to release a new coffee table book called “Les Unes” celebrating 40 years of great covers at French newspaper Libération.  The publisher selected the 400 most emblematic covers spanning over 40 years to be featured in this 352-page book, which will be available for €49 from May 6th.

The cover page is also available in a dedicated section of the paper’s website.