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Mediterranean home & lifestyle mag Côté Sud launches Dutch edition

A Dutch version of the home magazine with Mediterranean flavor Côté Sud Magazine  is to launch shortly.  The magazine caters to those who are keen on the Riviera lifestyle and fond of  products and flavors from all over Mediterranean sea.
It is the fourth international edition to be launched in Dutch-speaking Belgium (“Flemish” is the language to be precise) and Holland with a print run of 50 000 copies (25 000 in Belgium and just as many in The Netherlands).  The title will be published in 285 x 225 mm perfect-bound format and glossy paper.



Germany: Bauer Media to launch first “mindstyle-magazine” Happinez

The German launch of Happinez magazine is planned for August 26, according to its publisher Bauer Media, which will be publishing the title under license from Dutch publisher WPG Uitgevers.  The Dutch edition of Happinez, which was launched in 2003, was an immediate success and now circulates close to 200 000 copies per month, sold for a hefty €5,75  cover price.

Bauer plans to introduce Happinez as a bi-monthly glossy women’s magazine with a print run of 150 000, sold for 4,95 euros.  Happinezz is for women who enjoy life but seek answers to esoteric well-being questions.  It will cater mostly to women aged 35 to 50 years old who want spirituality, knowledge and psychology to play a greater part in their life.  Of course, as editor Uwe Bokelmann explained, the magazine will also cover topics such as nature, health, shape, food and will include more leisurely sections such as fashion, arts and travel.  The August launch will be accompanied by a print and PoS promotional campaign.

Click to see the official press release from Bauer Media (in German).

Dutch paper “De Telegraaf” has big plans for the iPad and all other tablet computers

Telegraaf-gr_632557a Here’s a short video showcasing what Holland’s biggest daily, De Telegraaf, has in mind for the iPad.