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French magazine Hotel & Lodge changes hands

Hôtel & Lodge, a bi-monthly lifestyle and travel magazine covering the latest amongst prestigious resorts, boutique hotels as well as lodges and 5-star palaces has just been sold by its two main shareholders, the enthusiast magazine publishers Nivéales and Editions Larivière, to press entrepreneur Michel Comboul.

This travel magazine, launched in 2002, currently generates an estimated turnover of €700 000 with a circulation of 49 600 copies per issue (6x).

As a reminder, Michel Comboul is the former President and CEO of the French Riviera publisher Nice Matin, as well as head of the Syndicat de la Presse Quotidienne Régionale (“Association of Regional Newspaper Publishers”) and the Fédération Nationale de la Presse Française (“Association of French National Press Publishers”).


Lagardère launches Belgian edition of Psychologies magazine

Psychologies magazine just launched its 12th international edition in Belgium, a small European country currently on the verge of being split in two.  This new “dual” edition will be published under license by Lagardère’s usual partner there, Edition Ventures, which already publishes local versions of Elle, Elle Decor and Art & Decoration).  There will be a French and a Flemish edition of the magazine for both communities with a print run of 35 000 copies a month each.

Since the inception of the Italian edition in 2004, Psychologies magazine has now global editions in China, Russia, Spain, Great-Britain, South Africa, Mexico, Greece, and some more.

French leather goods brand “Lancel” launches custom magazine “by LANCEL” with Omedia

Lancel just  released the premier issue of its customer magazine called “by LANCEL“, designed in collaboration with the Paris agency editorial agency Omedia.  The magazine will be available in all Lancel stores worldwide to the brand’s customers.  The debut issue features 84 pages and is called «Le magazine de la French légèreté by Lancel» (The magazine of French lightness by Lancel in English) and will take readers behind the scenes during the manufacturing process of a Lancel’s “BB Bag” (designed for Brigitte Bardot) for instance.

“Lancel loves women and, for the past 134 years, has offered them bags that tell stories, arouse emotions, celebrate colors and textures… Bags that Angèle Lancel, who founded the company, envisioned as secrets of feminine seduction. Lancel stands for that quintessentially French spirit, chic, carefree and just a little irreverent, the expression of an attitude that we call “French Légèreté”. Lancel is also an ethos, a commitment to authenticity and creativity. The beauty of the initial drawing, the ideal proportions of the prototype, the choice of the material, the assembly by hand of a hundred different components, the jewelry-inspired engraving on the clasps, the endlessly meticulous finishing – all of this endows Lancel bags with a soul, a patina, a flair that makes each woman and her story quite unique.”

“Lancel is proud of making beautiful bags that give women an inimitable allure, bags that are the perfect fusion of intimacy and self-expression. “

The Economist fronts France’s “incredible shrinking Président” on cover

French President Nicolas Sarkozy and his former model of a wife Carla Bruni grace the cover of The Economist this week.  Sarkozy, often mocked for his modest height, is depicted only by his legs on the British weekly’s cover, the rest of his body being outrageously absorbed by a Napoleonic “bicorn” hat.  Napoleon, of course, was another French leader (emperor back then) of modest height.

Mr. Sarkozy is embattled in the Bettencourt scandal at home where his Labor Minister, Eric Woerth (former Budget Minister) is being investigated for pushing Liliane Bettencourt’s money manager’s application to the Medal of Honor (“Légion d’Honneur”).  In return, the press claims, the money manager, Patrice de Maistre, would hire his wife as part of this team.  Mrs Bettencourt, the L’Oréal heiress, is France’s richest woman and one of the largest donators to Mr Sarkozy’s UMP party.  Nicolas Sarkozy will most likely be seeking reelection in May 2012.

Click to read the story on the shrinking Président.

Swiss newsweekly “L’Hebdo” launched first iPad app

L’Hebdo, the French-language Swiss newsweekly published by Ringier, launched its first iPad app at the end of August.  

Not only is it now possible to access the latest issue of L’Hebdo on the iPad and enjoy its content in a more interactive fashion through the device’s gorgeous screen, but one can also browse through the magazine’s archives for a small price.

L’Hebdo is the first magazine to release a tablet version of its magazine within French-speaking Switzerland.  In the German-speaking part of the country the Schweizer Illustrierte magazine and the daily Tages-Anzeiger are the only two print properties to have come up with their own iPad app.  L’Hebdo’s digital edition for tablets will be available for download every Wednesday at 10pm and will be free for the 2 months.  Most articles will link to external sources of information that will complement the weekly’s actual reporting.

The iPad version makes L’Hebdo available to all Swiss readers worldwide at a very modest cost (no printing or shipping) and with no delays.  L’Hebdo for iPad will cost 4,40 Swiss Francs a piece from November 1st on and a “4 issues for the price of 3” subscription will also be offered. Purchase will be available via the Apple Store only.

Besides access to the magazine’s archives, past issues purchased digitally will also remain accessible on the device even without an internet connection.  The purchase of the week’s issue will grant the reader access to the magazine’s 24/7 RSS feeds and videos for the rest of the week until a new issue comes out.

The print edition of L’Hebdo currently circulates 46 010 copies per week and reaches 216 000 readers.

Click to access L‘Hebdo’s factsheet online.

Marianne magazine mocks French President Sarkozy with cheeky cover

Mr. President, you are wonderful!!!  Marianne, the center-left French newsweekly, who is seen by most as anti-Sarkozy just released a very tongue-in-cheek cover proclaiming its love for the greatest French President ever. In my book, that’s called sarcasm…

Whether the current resident of the Élysée Palace and its close staff will find the cover amusing, that’s another story!  Maybe Carla has a sense of humour. After all, she was officially more lefty until she met Emperor “Sarko the First!”

Click to purchase a digital copy from the Relay.com site.

France: “Arts Magazine” to launch “Expos” on August 26

Arts Magazine, which currently circulates about 30 000 copies per issue (10 000 subs), just announced the launch of a new guide magazine dedicated to upcoming art exhibits in France for the end of summer.  Named Expos (abbreviation of “expositions, which is the French word for exhibits), it aims to be an 84-page guide the world of arts distributed every other month in a pocket-size format and highlighting the 200 most relevant art exhibits happening in France over the period.  Each exhibit selected will feature a review, notes and explanations and rank from the editors of Arts Magazine.

This guide will be bilingual French/English with a special section dedicated to non-French readers such as foreign tourists and expats.  The English part will cover mostly the exhibits taking place within the Paris area as well as other major French cities.  The content of the Expos guide will also be available online, as well as on iPad et iPhone devices.

Expos’ publisher currently is banking on an estimated print run of 50 000 copies per issue with a cover price 2,90 € each.  On the advertising side, a special launch offer will be sold: -40% for the first two issues, as well as a package deal including Arts Magazine + Expos for 4 500 € net.  Ad sales for the package deal are being handled by Arts Magazine’s ad sales representative, Initial Régie, a subsidiary of Prisma Presse.  Otherwise, Expos’ team will handle its own advertising in-house for now.

Click to view the latest digital issue of Arts Magazine.
Click to see Arts Magazine’s 2010 media kit in PDF.