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Lagardère launches Belgian edition of Psychologies magazine

Psychologies magazine just launched its 12th international edition in Belgium, a small European country currently on the verge of being split in two.  This new “dual” edition will be published under license by Lagardère’s usual partner there, Edition Ventures, which already publishes local versions of Elle, Elle Decor and Art & Decoration).  There will be a French and a Flemish edition of the magazine for both communities with a print run of 35 000 copies a month each.

Since the inception of the Italian edition in 2004, Psychologies magazine has now global editions in China, Russia, Spain, Great-Britain, South Africa, Mexico, Greece, and some more.


France: Lagardère and Marie Claire merge their women’s magazines Be and Envy

As revealed by Presse News yesterday, the French media giants Lagardère Active et Marie-Claire Group have decided to merge their respective new women’s weeklies Be and Envy, only six months after their launch.  A conference call betweek Lagardère Active‘s CEO, Didier Quillot, and Marie Claire’s, Jean-Paul Lubot, was planned this morning to clarify the details of the transaction, but according to Presse News again, the last issue of Envy would be published at the end of september.  The Be brand is the one likely to survive in an enriched version fueled by some part of Envy’s former editorial team. 

Out of 40, only about 15 journalists among Envy‘s editorial team will move over to Be (DSH OJD: 171 085 copies per week). Jean-Paul Lubot explained the closure by a very competitive segment and lagging circulation figures (DSH OJD 2010: 174 280 copies per week), well below Envy’s break even point of 200 000.  Also, ad sales had been disappointing.

That’s not a huge surprise to me since Envy looked like the poorer one from scratch amongst the three women’s weeklies launched in France between August 2009 and Spring 2010.  I didn’t see the merger coming, but considering the strong ties that unite Lagardère and MCG, it makes sense, rather than just folding EnvyGrazia seems to be winning the battle of the Paris weeklies and this is not a bad move for Lagardère, which protects its longtime champion Elle (weekly in France) by helping to kill a competitor.

France: benchmarking the three new upscale women’s weeklies

As covered extensively over the past months on this blog, the French segment of upscale women’s weeklies has had 3 back-to-back magazine launches since August 2009!

I thought this was about time to take a closer look at the current war amongst women’s weeklies so I put together some sort of recap chart, only accounting for Grazia, Envy and Be, in the order they were launched. I decided not to include French ELLE because it’s been THE women’s weekly of reference for over 60 years and remains to do so while these three newcomers tend to cater to slightly younger women.

France: Paris Match – first French media to launch iPad app

The tablet version of the latest issue of of the news and picture weekly Paris Match was launched on April 3rd, the introduction day of the iPad in the States, making “Match” the first French magazine to be available on the iPad via its app.  The tablet version is currently available for free via the App Store but its publisher Lagardère Active told the media that it will start charging for it as soon as the iPad has launched in France at the end of April. No final price has been revealed however.

Watch a video of the Paris Match iPad app narrated by its editorial director Olivier Royant (in French).

More info available (in French) on the ParisMatch.com official website.

New French glossy “ENVY” has launched!

France has yet another glossy women‘s weekly magazine with the launch of ENVY by Groupe Marie Claire (GMC) on Thursday Feb. 11th.  The new mag caters to young fashion and celebrity addicted women aged 20-35 and features Angelina Jolie on the cover of its premiere issue. ENVY‘s concept is derived from British magazine LOOK, also published by GMC in a JV with IPC Media.  This launch represents a rumored investment of €20M for GMC over the next three years before the title is expecting to reach break-even (hopefully).
The new title is expected to circulate about 200 000 copies per week and the first issues was sold at the promotional price of €0,90 instead of the standard €1,70.  More infos at

Envy launch title
Only four and a half months have past since Mondadori France brought Italian export glossy Grazia to Paris! Lagardère Active is said to be working on the upcoming launch of its own people/fashion weekly mag called Be for this Spring.  This will make three women‘s weeklies launched within six months roughly in France.  While print is struggling worldwide, it is nice to see how much is happening in the busy women‘s magazine segment in Paris!