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USA: Vanity Fair just introduced a movie trivia app featuring “Little Graydon”

Vanity Fair just introduced an iPhone app on movie trivia, featuring “Little Graydon.” This app is free and has an ad deal from Bing.

You’ll need a quick brain, limber thumbs, and a good working knowledge of Hollywood lore to go deep into Vanity Fair’s new film-trivia game, Movie Madness. With hundreds of fun, sophisticated questions from Vanity Fair’s stable of film geeks, you may get one or two of these questions wrong—but by the time you’ve beat the 25 levels, you’ll be a veritable Roger Ebert.


France: Philippe Starck helps celebrate Télérama’s 60th anniversary in style!

The French cultural weekly Télérama just turned 60! To celebrate its anniversary in style, the publication asked design star and visionnaire Philippe Starck to share his vision of the world in 60, 600 and 6000 years!

On this occasion will exceptionnally boast 230 pages and will be perfect-bound instead of saddle-stitched.  The Télérama editors will offer their take on the major events of the past 60 years that changed the music business, TV, theater, cinema, radio and litterature of course!

Launched in 1950 as Radio-Loisirs, a supplement to catholic paper La Vie catholique illustrée, it becomes known as Télérama, which is the French acronym for Télé (TV), Radio and Cinéma, in the 70’s while simultaneously leaving all religious ties behind.  Télérama is some ways comparable to The New Yorker magazine.  While definitely a left-wing bastion amongst French publications, it is nevertheless always bi-partisan in its approach movie reviews or book critiques alike.  The magazine is known to Continue reading

France: first peak at “Gala Croisette”

That’s it, the first couple of issues of the celeb daily Gala Croisette (previously covered on this blog) are out and one can flick through the digital editions at Gala‘s dedicated Cannes microsite: http://festival-de-cannes.gala.fr.


Click to take a look inside today’s issue for instance.