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France: new music magazine called Serge to launch late September

Serge, a new French magazine dedicated to musical expression will appear in newsstands on September 21 with France’s young pop sensation Camélia Jordana on the cover.
Serge aims to position itself as a bi-monthly magazine that’s “chic and popular, dedicated to all French-language music, whether it is rock, pop, electro, hip hop or just vocal.” It will be edited by Patrice Bardot (Tsugi) and Didier Varrod (France Inter) and should feature 116 pages. The new music mag will be published by Detroit Media.

French singer and 60’s legend, Alain Chamfort, posted several pictures of his photo shoot for the magazine on Facebook since he appears in Serge’s debut issue.

Click to go to Serge’s MySpace page or follow Serge on Twitter.


Rolling Stone Deutschland hits newsstand jackpot with free Prince CD insert

Uncommon gifts distributed with consumer magazines usually have a resounding success. This seems to be once again true for Axel Springer, the publisher of Rolling Stone Deutschland, whose last issue, which came out on July 22, included the latest Prince CD “20ten” for free with all newsstands copies.  According to the publisher, this issue was sold out in most parts of Germany in no time – even though the print run had already been increased by 50% for the occasion. The magazine usually prints about 90 000 copies a month.

In comparison, only 55 000 copies of the music and society magazine  were sold in newsstands in the 2nd quarter of the year.  The print edition is expected to boost the current issue’s figure into the six-figure arena.  Exact numbers are not being made available by its licensed publisher Axel Springer Verlag.

Consumers get a copy of their favorite magazine + a new unreleased CD by a major artist only for 6.99 € this time (instead of Rolling Stone’s usual €5,50 copy price).  This issue of Rolling Stone also included, in addition to the CD, Continue reading

UK: Haymarket to publish “X Factor Magazine” this September

Haymarket Network, the editorial agency of London’s Haymarket Media Group, has announced that it is due to launch a magazine based on popular British TV show The X Factor (broadcast on ITV).

Launching in September 2010 to coincide with the beginning of 7th season of the popular talent show, the magazine will be exclusively available at supermarket Tesco for the launch period and thereafter on sale nationwide across various retailers.

Editorial, publishing and advertising staff recruitment for The X Factor Magazine is currently underway.

France: Courrier International to insert free Prince CD with July 8 issue

Courrier international, the French newsweekly aggregating major news from the world’s leading newspapers and magazines (translated into French), will distributed the latest Prince CD for free along with its July 8 issue in France.

This newsstands copies of Courrier international will include Prince’s latest album called “20ten” and this will coincide with the artist’s upcoming European tour over the Summer. It is the first time ever in France that an artist uses this kind of promotional partnership with a publication.  Prince already pulled something similar with the Mail on Sunday paper in the UK back in 2007 for the release of Planet Earth, which was very successful in terms of buzz.

Courrier International will be sold for its usual cover price of €3,50 but will have a higher print run that day (130 000 newsstands copies will be distributed). The weekly’s 2009 average circulation was 194 517 copies, of which 38 149 in newsstands. 

This promotional ploy will be rolled out in other international markets with Rolling Stone Deutschland also inserting Prince’s latest CD with its July 10 issue, as well as The Daily Mirror in the UK and Het Nieuwblad in Belgium.

Addendum 08/07/10: Courrier International came out today but sans the latest Prince CD. What happened? Well, it turns out the music diva has decided to postpone the French release of its CD and so will its promotional ploy with the press. No later date has been communicated however.

France: Philippe Starck helps celebrate Télérama’s 60th anniversary in style!

The French cultural weekly Télérama just turned 60! To celebrate its anniversary in style, the publication asked design star and visionnaire Philippe Starck to share his vision of the world in 60, 600 and 6000 years!

On this occasion will exceptionnally boast 230 pages and will be perfect-bound instead of saddle-stitched.  The Télérama editors will offer their take on the major events of the past 60 years that changed the music business, TV, theater, cinema, radio and litterature of course!

Launched in 1950 as Radio-Loisirs, a supplement to catholic paper La Vie catholique illustrée, it becomes known as Télérama, which is the French acronym for Télé (TV), Radio and Cinéma, in the 70’s while simultaneously leaving all religious ties behind.  Télérama is some ways comparable to The New Yorker magazine.  While definitely a left-wing bastion amongst French publications, it is nevertheless always bi-partisan in its approach movie reviews or book critiques alike.  The magazine is known to Continue reading

USA: Rolling Stone puts entire archive online, but behind paywall

Wenner Media’s flagship brand Rolling Stone magazine relaunched its website today, with more content, including all of the editorial of the current and past issues. It won’t be free however, visitors will have to pay a $3.95 monthly fee ($29.99 a year) to access all of the archive material.

Rs new RollingStone.com has digitized all of its 43-year archive of back issues and has made them available in this major redesign of the site. Visitors to the front page of RollingStone.com will still get free access to breaking news stories and some slideshows. But the deeper and archival material will sit behind a sub wall that bundles a print subscription with a full-year access fee. According to the Associated Press report on the business model, however, current print subscribers to the magazine will not get full Web site access as part of their subscription.

According to min’s Digital Media Boxscores, RollingStone.com had 5.2 million unique users in January 2010 and accrued 34.5 million page views that same month. The AP, citing comScore, puts the RS online audience much smaller, at only 1.3 million for March.  You gotta love internet metrics for their reliability!

Until last year, RollingStone.com had been under the control of music and streaming media company RealNetworks. Wenner Media regained control of the site a few months ago with the intention of relaunching under its own expanding digital media unit.

Wenner Media, still controlled by founder Jann Wenner, also publishes US Weekly and Men’s Journal.