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French magazine Hotel & Lodge changes hands

Hôtel & Lodge, a bi-monthly lifestyle and travel magazine covering the latest amongst prestigious resorts, boutique hotels as well as lodges and 5-star palaces has just been sold by its two main shareholders, the enthusiast magazine publishers Nivéales and Editions Larivière, to press entrepreneur Michel Comboul.

This travel magazine, launched in 2002, currently generates an estimated turnover of €700 000 with a circulation of 49 600 copies per issue (6x).

As a reminder, Michel Comboul is the former President and CEO of the French Riviera publisher Nice Matin, as well as head of the Syndicat de la Presse Quotidienne Régionale (“Association of Regional Newspaper Publishers”) and the Fédération Nationale de la Presse Française (“Association of French National Press Publishers”).


Germany: G+J and Klambt are pulling the plug on Healthy Living mag

The August issue will be Healthy Living’s last, according to a joint recent press release from German publishers G+J and Klambt after a four and a half year venture.  However, the Healthy Living brand should remain alive by becoming a special issue for the other wellness magazine Vital.

Healthy Living was circulating about 150 000 copies a month on average, but advertising was getting harder and harder to get in a very competitive health and wellness for women’s magazine segment.  Circulation, while still relatively high for the category, had been declining steadily and both publishers couldn’t see the title turning in a profil in the near future in these tough economic times.