MAG 360°: the latest news and updates from the international magazine world!

I am a media specialist with 10 years of experience working for media companies in Europe and the U.S.   Over the course of my career, I’ve had the opportunity to work with (or directly for) some of the world’s largest magazine and newspaper companies, which is how I started to develop a certain expertise in the press sector.  I love magazines so I decided to try to cover the magazine industry’s latest happenings from a global standpoint with this blog. I am still in the business so keeping current is a part of my job anyway, but I scour the web, read through international trade publications and magazine publishers associations’ feeds from all over the world for information and then agregate the most important news in this blog.  Fortunately for me, I am fluent in several languages and can decypher through most of these various sources of information, which I then translate into English in my posts. I hope you’ll find this blog useful and please do not hesitate to rate posts, leave comments and re-tweet!

You can contact me at: magsthreesixty@googlemail.com