UK: The Independent launches its own election campaign with millions of free copies

Only two weeks after the Lebedev acquisition, British daily The Independent introduces a new Viewspaper section and launches a viral video “The truth behind the UK general election” to ignite current political debate before next month’s elections in Britain. And that’s not all…

On April 21st, The Independent will start distributing millions of copies nationwide every day for 10 days (excluding weekend and the bank holiday) to engage voters ahead of polling day.  It will distribute a free 60-page special edition of the daily with a 4-page wrap explaining what and why The Indy is doing it. It will be highlighted as a ‘limited edition’ election 2010 issue.  The campaign is supported by creative from Trevor Beattie of the BMB ad agency. The message is rather simple: “You Decide” and “This poster won’t decide the election. You will”. Simon Kelner, the paper’s acting editor, recently told the Guardian newspaper that it had got a new promotional budget from the Lebedev’s to play with.. Well, it shows! 


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